A Look Inside and Review Of JamPlay

JamPlay is doing it big in the guitar world. Their site is a membership service only that broadcasts HD videos with beginners guitar lessons. They have brought guitar lessons with interactivity together… you can even ask questions to the guitar teachers. They have 5-6 guitar teachers to give you a selection in different teaching methods, and that’s a big plus.

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They teach you with “lessons in sets” and not just putting out a lot of small video clips. They start with the  basics like tuning the guitar, finger placement, and some basic chords,  moves on to finger-picking, hammer ons, pull offs, palm muting, and a lot more advanced topics as you progress through the lessons. We found this surprisingly good for the overall experience, because you can follow through these lesson sets just how you would with a normal guitar teacher. Biggest thing is, it’s cheap as well because they get so many members.


Take a Look at The Beginners Guitar Lessons Series.

View The Intermediate/Genre Lesson Section of Their Site.

Check out the Section of Their Site That Teaches You to Play Songs.

This is one of the best and biggest collections I have ever seen of  beginners guitar lessons

They also have some great tools to learn guitar theory, scales, chords and more good stuff.

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Beginners Guitar Lessons

Hope you enjoyed this Jamplay Review

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