How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar for a Beginner

Choosing an acoustic guitar when you’re just starting out can be a daunting task. With so many different types and brands of guitars available, it’s hard to know where to begin if you don’t know how to choose an acoustic guitar.

Do you need a steel-string or nylon-string guitar?

What size should you get?

What brand should you buy?

In this article, we’ll help answer some of those questions and give you some things to look for when you want to how to choose an acoustic guitar.

Size Matters

One of the first things to consider when choosing an acoustic guitar is the size. Guitars come in all shapes and sizes, from small parlor guitars to massive jumbo guitars.

how to choose an acoustic guitar
 couple playing

The size of the guitar will have an impact on both how comfortable it is to play and the sound it produces.

If you’re a smaller person or have small hands, a smaller guitar may be more comfortable for you to play.

Conversely, if you’re tall or have large hands, a larger guitar may be a better fit. Ultimately, it’s important that you choose a size that is comfortable for you to play with.

You don’t want your instrument to be so big that it’s cumbersome or so small that it feels like a toy. If possible, try out several different sizes before settling on one.

Nylon vs Steel Strings

Another thing to consider when choosing an acoustic guitar is whether you want nylon strings or steel strings.

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar for a Beginner
Nylon Stringed Guitar

Nylon-stringed guitars are typically used for classical and Spanish-style music while steel-stringed guitars are used for most other styles of music including folk, country, rock, and blues.

steel stringed acoustic guitar for a beginner
Steel Stringed Guitar

If you’re not sure what style of music you want to play yet or are interested in playing multiple styles, we recommend getting a steel-stringed guitar as they are generally more versatile than nylon-stringed guitars.


There are countless brands of acoustic guitars available on the market today ranging from budget instruments all the way up to high-end collectibles.

While there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a brand, we recommend doing your research before making any decisions.

Read reviews online, talk to friends who play guitar, and even try out some instruments in person if possible before settling on one particular brand.

In general, however, most beginners will be happy with an acoustic guitar from any major brand including Yamaha, Fender, Taylor, Gibson, and Martin.


When it comes down to it, how much money you want (or can) spend on an acoustic guitar will ultimately be one of the deciding factors in which instrument you ultimately choose.

It’s important not to forget, however, that even the most expensive acoustic guitars still require practice and dedication in order to sound good.

how to choose an acoustic guitar for a Beginner

That being said, if your budget allows, we recommend going for quality over quantity. A higher-end instrument may cost more upfront but will likely last longer and sound better than its cheaper counterparts.

On the other hand, if money is tight, there are plenty of decent budget-friendly options available these days. Do your research before buying anything and don’t hesitate to ask for advice from friends or family members who already play.

How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar Conclusion

Congratulations on your decision to start playing the acoustic guitar! Whether you are an experienced player looking for new challenges or a beginner just wanting to try it out, following some basic tips will help you get started and make the most of your experience.

First and foremost, remember that the acoustic guitar is a comfortable instrument to play. Unlike electric guitars which require years of practice and training in order to produce decent sound, Acoustic guitars can be easily picked up and played without any prior experience.

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