how to play power chords

Guitar Power Chords Explained

The guitar power chord is one of the very basic but important chords for any guitarist to know. You can use this versatile chord in any key and genre, but it’s mostly used in metal, heavy metal, grunge, punk and rock music.

The power chords are made up of the root note and the fifth, but can also be played with a third note, in which case you would use the index, ring, and pinky finger, or use your ring finger to barre the two strings, this is if you use the 3 note power chord.

For the 2 note chord you would only use your index and ring finger. There are other variations but this is the most used ones, and would get you a long way.

Guitar Power Chords Chart

guitar power chords chart
To use the two note power chord you would just not play the bottom note.

Example of Guitar Tabs Using Power Chords

basic guitar power chords

There are other power chords which are more similar to real chords. Kind of like regular chords with fewer strings stroked. You can learn more about it here

Here are 4 guitar riffs using power chords that are easy to learn and play 

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about guitar power chords, or maybe you have some tips to share.

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