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Beginners Guitar Lessons Online

Trying to decide if beginners guitar lessons online is right for you? Find out the facts on why it does not matter anyway. First thing we need to look at is if guitar lessons online are the way to go versus actually going to a guitar teacher. Online Guitar Lessons: If you are on a […]

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10 Acoustic Guitar Tips

The acoustic guitar is an fantastic instruments that is amusing to play. They may be applied in nearly whatever trend of music, and to achieve just about whatever kind of sound wanted. Several folks would like to play an acoustic guitar, but they will often discontinue the learning process, so I hope these acoustic guitar […]

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The Perfect Pitch What is it?

What is The perfect pitch? You are likely already knowing that perfect pitch, also called absolute pitch, is the ability to key out or play a note without utilising a reference. The ability lets a musician to execute several skills, also tuning an musical instrument, singing whatever tone at wish, or transcribe really quick and […]

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Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons: Better Than Real

There are young people today who believe the road to becoming a rock star is paved with hours of playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Of course we all know that isn’t true aE” in fact, these games can actually delay a musician’s progress. Playing the real guitar is absolutely nothing like playing a plastic […]

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Video Lesson – Acoustic Fingerpicking

Click Here To See More Video Guitar Lessons Instructor: Lisa McCormick Speciality: Acoustic Fingerpicking ¬†Website: Guitar Tricks This 4-step finger-picking pattern is a powerful learning block for finger-style guitar. In this pattern, hit the sixth string (Low E) with a downward pick of your thumb. Next, hit upwards on the first string (high E-string) with […]

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