Beginners Guitar Lessons Online

Trying to decide if beginners guitar lessons online is right for you? Find out the facts on why it does not matter anyway.

First thing we need to look at is if guitar lessons online are the way to go versus actually going to a guitar teacher.

Online Guitar Lessons:

  1. If you are on a budget
  2. Don’t have a flexible schedule
  3. Travel frequently
  4. Review the content over and over

Paid Guitar Teacher

  1. Cost more
  2. See how it is done in person
  3. Have someone to jam with
  4. Make contacts for potential band members

Now of course finding a guitar teacher is going to be the better way to learn. Now if you have some friends who already play it might be better to get beginners guitar lessons online. I taught a few of my friends and when I wasn’t showing them they would learn from books or other learning materials and come to me with the questions. If you don’t know anyone else who plays you can always start off with online lessons and later down the road find a teacher who you can work with.

Whatever you decide on, your going to have to learn the fundamentals first. For example:

  • How to turn your guitar
  • What the names of the strings are
  • The C Major scale
  • Basic Major chords
  • Strumming and Rhythm
  • Finger Picking

Are you starting on an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar? I would recommend starting on an acoustic guitar. I know that’s not what you want to hear and I did not either when I started but I’m glad I did it the right way. If you start out on an acoustic it will help to build strength in your fingers. By learning all the techniques this way it will be a breeze when you switch to an electric.

With Jamorama your going to have over 12 months of quality guitar video lessons online and also learn famous songs step by step. That’s why I love this course, you’ll have someone in front of you showing you the techniques the right way. to learn why Jamorama has the best guitar video lessons online.

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