Beginners Guitar Lessons

Welcome! Are you looking for some guitar lessons? Then I have some good news for you, the internet is one of the best places to find guitar lessons, and I will do my best to provide you with the best resources to get you started and become better to play your guitar. Beginners Guitar Lessons How […]

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Guitar Tabs For Beginners

guitar tabs

Guitar tabs, also called tablature, is a easy to understand form of song notation or writing music, so guitar players can easy recognize the notes and music. They are being used for many other instruments along with the guitar, such as drums, banjo, bass and a selection of others, they are great to be used […]

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Black Sabbath – Iron Man Tab

The good old classic Iron Man is a song most people learn to play, it’s understandable because it’s both easy to play and sounds great, I have made things even easier for you, it can be hard to find the right tabs online, but I have found the best Iron Man guitar tab here, I […]

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Guitar Power Chords Explained

The guitar power chords are one of the very basic but important chords for any guitarist to know. You can use this versatile chord in any key and genre, but it’s mostly used in metal, heavy metal, grunge and rock music. The power chord is made up of the root note and the fifth, but […]

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Video Lesson – Alternative Rock Ska

alternative music ska

Free Video Guitar Lessons by Lawrence Katz of Instructor: Lawrence Katz Speciality: Alternative Rock Website: Welcome to the world of Ska Guitar! Ska is a style of music that can be described as “Upbeat Reggae.” It has influenced classic rock bands like The Clash, as well as more modern bands like No Doubt. […]

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